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The Sexual Violence Awareness & Prevention Act

PLEASE NOTE: The Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention Act has come into force effective April 27, 2017. The Act requires that all private vocational institutions develop and implement policies that prevent and respond to sexual violence. Anyone applying to register a new private vocational institution must submit a copy of their policy with their application for registration. Existing private vocational institutions are required to submit a copy of their policy in order to renew their registration.

Manitoba Post-Secondary Sexual Violence Policy Guide 
The Government of Manitoba has developed a guideline document to assist post-secondary institutions in developing their sexual violence policies, as required under The Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention Act.This guide outlines all of the requirements under The Act, as well as provides best practices regarding awareness, prevention and responding to sexual violence on campus.


Signing Contract
Policy Template
MACC's Sexual Violence Policy


The Manitoba Association of Career Colleges has developed a Sexual Violence Policy template that is available to all active members. The template has been vetted by the Registration and Accountability Office and meets the requirements set forth in the Sexual Violence Awareness & Prevention Act.

All Private Vocational Schools in Manitoba are required to have a Sexual Violence policy in effect.

For more information on the MACC Sexual Violence Policy template, please click here

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